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Tired? Anxious? Chronic pain? Can't focus? Zenstant can help. Backed by decades of neuroscience research, packaged as pleasant 'music'.

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I bought a single 23 minute track several months ago. My husband has been having a lot of pain from post-cancer issues and it’s been hard for him to fall asleep. I convinced him to try the track, and he fell asleep while listening!! So thankful he can sleep through the pain and that this was the way to make it happen. Thank you for the nap @Zenstant!Elizabeth G.
I just had a rough bout of cramps and ran out of Tiger Balm. I figured I’d give the demo a try, because what else am I going to do, right? Not gonna lie, I’m honestly shocked that this worked!Madelaine V.
Well, it just about put me to sleep. I'm having my period, and get really bad cramps, especially since having an IUD put in. This surprisingly did help, I even felt the nausea go away, and I felt so relaxed, I almost drifted to sleep.L.M.