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Hey, on this page you can sign up to get over 100 pieces of our best brain audio, every week for 52 weeks. No cost, no hard-sells, just tons of free value for you.

But there's a problem. I'm a terrible marketer. (You're welcome.)

I'm supposed to get your email address from you as fast as possible.

Marketers literally call it a "squeeze page" to squeeze (aka "force") your email out of you through a bribe.

You deserve better.

How 'bout I tell you what's going to happen if you sign up so you can make an informed decision (rather than try and force your email out of you)?

You get a chance to see what we're like and decide if you'll give us your "good" email, your "other" email, or if we're not right for you.


What you'll get when you join our mailing list

If you sign up below, you'll get several pieces of free "brain audio" for pain relief, meditation enhancement, stress/anxiety relief, and focus enhancement every week for a year.

Depending on how well you react to it, you could see:

  • Reduced pain perception to the level of mid-grade opiates

  • Stress relief that may help reduce stress better than a two week vacation to Cabo

  • Meditation enhancement that may help you meditate like a Tibetan Monk — even if it's your first time

  • Focus boosting that helps me focus better than a fistful of Adderall

It's backed by two dozen years of research; funded by dozens of grants from NASA, the US National Institute of Health, and even the Department of Defense; and our neuroscientist even wrote the book on Sound Therapy.

Yes, really.

You probably shouldn't sign up (unless):

  • You like people who are givers first. Yes, we're a business. And yes, if we don't make money we can't make you new content. But we believe that if you pour out value into the world that a bit comes back eventually.

  • You appreciate companies that put people over short term profit. We do things like:

    • create ridiculous refund policies (82 years)
    • send you reminder emails to ask for that refund (in case you're unhappy)
    • and write sometimes-playful emails.

    It's probably bad for our bottom-line, but good for the soul.

  • You're ok with a company that is more laid back. I might write "crap" in an email. We'll definitely crack a joke (and we're both dads, so they're guaranteed to be terrible).

    We think it's more fun to be, well, fun. So that's what we do.

Ok, are you still with me?


If you give us your email address (and after you confirm it) we'll start out with a few emails going into the science of audio therapy and our neuroscientist's research.

Spoiler: it includes putting lasers on bat's heads, bullfrog urine, and nearly being attacked by coyotes. It's a good time.

After you're up to speed on "how", we'll send you free audio content every week for a full year.

"Right. Baloney. What's the catch?"

Ok, there is a catch.

Every piece you get will be ~8 minutes long, 1/4th of the length of the full piece. But don't fret, the 8 minute pieces are fully useful and valuable. That's why we chose 8 minutes.

In each email we'll send a link to purchase one of our three premium content packs.

No high pressure sales, no guilt-trips, just a reminder of how you can support us if you choose to.

That's it.

We don't sell your email address. We won't send you high-pressure sales emails.

It's just not who we are and — if you've read this far — it's just not how you'd want us to be.

Since you're still with me, let's start getting you that brain audio?

Go ahead and put down an email you check regularly below and see you in your inbox.

Much love,

Garrett & Lance