We are the elite performers. The producers. The doers. (Manifesto)

Elite performers are founders, creators, sales professionals, entrepreneurs, inventors, consultants, business owners, and executives.

We are people who want to be paid based on our value (not our time).

Elite performers have lots of day-to-day freedom (sometimes it feels like too much).

In short, elite performers have the freedom to control our destinies... both in when (and how much) we work and the ability to earn enormous sums of money (or not).

But the ironic problem is...

All this freedom can make it difficult to focus and can make it feel like life is controlling you

vs you controlling life.

Use me as an example.

Some days I wake up with great intentions...

Only to have an angry comment (or email, or tweet) derail my plans.

Or other days when I know the most important thing is to write that manifesto (ahem) but I stall for hours when I see the blank screen.

Ever have a day like that? With great intentions becoming a day of whiplash and feeling behind/unaccomplished at night?

If so - you're in the right place.

As an elite performer you probably read a ton of books (thanks Audible for quintupling my reading).

And if you're like me, you likely seek out tools to unlock creativity and supercharge productivity while reducing "drag": anxiety, stress, exhaustion, and pain.

And you've probably experienced both the out-of-the-blue "aha!" moment and the "how did I just get distracted for the last hour?" moment.

In short there's a craving for control... to control our brain and have more "aha!" and less distraction, stress, exhaustion, anxiety, etc.

Control that accelerates our success (however we might define it).

We know that maximum creativity and productivity is achieved with a calm, clear mind.

Yet there's just too much to do to sit around all day meditating.

Zenstant seeks to empower you by putting you back in the driver's seat of your own brain with state-of-the-art neuroscience.

We fold decades of brain research into the world's oldest tool for affecting mental state… music.

From ancient Mayan tribal songs to today’s raves it's self evident that music can bend emotion, can generate energy, or even create sorrow.

Just think of the last concert you went to and loved...

But because music is so common it's usually written off and few people make the effort to discover why it can have such powerful effects.

Enter the late Dr. Seth Horowitz - Ivy league neuroscience professor and our dear friend.

His career spanned several decades where he researched bats, bullfrogs, and humans to answer one question…

But why does music move us? (And how can we engineer it to move us in the ways we want?)

This question had him strapping lasers to bats, scanning humans in MRI machines (aiming to direct blood flow via sound), and developing audio tools to help astronauts sleep in space.

Not to mention acquiring possibly the world's first allergy to bullfrog urine (gross, but neat, huh?)

Would you agree that certain music can change your mood?

If so, then join us as we build upon Dr. Horowitz‘s life's work to engineer functional music at the intersection of art and neuroscience.

But the next step is yours to take.

If you want to come on a week-long journey exploring how to unlock creativity, supercharge productivity, reduce "drag" (anxiety, stress, exhaustion, and pain) and generally, feel in control again...

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Garrett, Lance, and the late Dr Horowitz.